The "search tab" allows to explore the database using different queries: BIN (e.g. “1A” following the tomato genome dissection proposed by Eshed and Zamir, Euphytica 79: 175-179, 1994), miRNA name (e.g. “ath-MIR1456a” as proposed at the miRBASE www.mirbase.org ), Target gene (UNIGENE e.g. “SGN-U562666” or BAC e.g. “C00HBa0008K08.1” following the SGN nomenclature) or Keyword/s which will search using all alpha-numerical fields within the three selectable database fields: QTL names (metabolic and yield associated traits as defined by Schauer et al, Nature Biotechnology 24: 447-454, 2006), Metabolites names or Hit Definition that indicates target genes associated function ( e.g. a keyword like "copper", "glucose", "resistance" -without quotes- respectively).

Bottom panel allows choosing how (and which) results will be displayed; QTL, target map position onto the Tomato EXPEN2000 genetic map (solgenomics.net), hit definition (gene annotation), alignment (between the mature miRNA and the predicted target) and target expression profile along tomato fruit development and ripening (Carrari et al, Plant Physiology 142:1380-1396, 2006).

BLAST tab allows searching the miSolRNA database by query sequences of user interest of precursors and mature miRNAs, or target genes (UNIGENES and/or BACs). The search may take a couple of minutes. Results can be retrieved in table formats.

Result pages display links to target UNIGENES, genomic clones (BAC and/or COS) and related publications to miRNAs.